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Ciberscape is a private server of the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game- Runescape. It is a place where you can go and battle dragons and demons, fight guards and other players! You can also train alot of skills which include-

Strength, Attack, Defence, Woodcutting, Range, Fishing, Firemaking, Cooking, Prayer and loads more!

There are friendly staff in the game that will be happy to help you out. There are also lots of cool wepons equipment and items that you can collect. Dragon claws and other items can be purchased from the ciberscape store. You can also can become a member! This allows normal players to do/have the following things.

Special Members only area, access to Members only shops, access to members only items, kill a demon for a chance at a dragon claw drop! Monsters drop special items and give fast xp, you can even kill new monsters for slayer exp! Members have an increased chance of becoming a moderator. Dislpays [Member] (your name) when you yell. you can bypass the 30 second limit for ::empty. You can test new game features before they are released and see the list of players who are online! Membership only costs $10 and lasts a lifetime.

Ciberscape website-
CiberScape home page pic...

Review by Brent Hamilton.

In game username - die fly3

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